About Us


Square-foot facility operating in Brooklyn, NY


Back in 1996, when we started selling branded (OEM) wireless cellphone accessories

We had four sales representatives covering the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Jersey City and beyond on a daily basis. In a very humble way, our representatives were walking into small & mid-tier cellphone/electronic stores, selling anything ranging from car chargers, Jabra headsets, sim cards, travel chargers, docking stations and replacement batteries, with a unique approach. The simple approach was this - as soon as the order was made, the order was then communicated to a local driver in the area that had a fully stocked cargo van and would deliver product within one hour or less. 

Our clients loved that approach. It was as simple as they got what they needed, when they needed it without ever being overstocked. Fast forward over twenty years later, we still have the same values and perspectives and sell the same idea of product just on a much larger scale. We currently have agreements set in place with many major manufacturers, national retailers, wireless carriers and many others, to buy their overstock, surplus inventory, shelf pulls, customer returns and open box product. We sort, inspect, and test the product to then categorize them in various cosmetic conditions to sell.

We also have a facility on the west coast to serve our key accounts more efficiently. Furthermore, we have trusted freight forwarders who hold our product overseas in key countries, so that our international key customers can also receive the product they need within one to two business days with no extra import fees.