+21 years experience working with passion doing what we do

When dealing with a new partner in business, many have to cross their fingers and hope for the best. When dealing with OEM Experts, the very best is a given. We have been in the wireless wholesale industry since 1996 (21+ years) and have a passion that you won't find anywhere else.

Over the years we have carefully studied the market and trends, and have carefully calculated an expert approach within the industry (hence the name OEM Experts). We have watched major brands come and go - i.e. Blackberry, Danger etc., and we've learned from them and their mistakes and applied what we learned from them to our business approach to ensure the benefit of our customers.

Since we started, the industry has taken many turns; it is not as simple as it used to be. Today, we supply several thousands of customers worldwide with OEM authentic wireless accessories. Some customers deviate from the initial plan and sell the product that they buy from us into markets that were not permitted. At OEM Experts, we have a dedicated team following up and tracking the product to ensure we can maintain and retain the product value and integrity that it stands for.

Our shipping time is usually 24-48 business hours and always on point with our customer's need. Our network of partnerships allow us to source "hard to come by product" within hours of the customer's request. Sourcing and brokering product is not our main focus. The products we sell on a constant basis are in stock and ready to ship from inventory that we own and is on hand at one of our three distribution centers.




We do whatever it take to help our customers succeed.