E-commerce services

Let's face it - selling online is not an easy task, although some may think it is. People think it's as simple as listing product and walking away. The sellers who have made it online understand that it's far from simple for many reasons, some of which are:

Competing with sellers from all over the globe trying to sell the same customer

The trick of selling is really in how sharp you buy









At OEM Experts we have a dedicated team who understands the needs of a serious online seller. We can deliver the right product at the right price, geared to the right online platform that each Seller is focused on. Platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Amazon Canada, Rakuten, FBA, Buy.com, Sears.com, etc. are what we come across. Our experts have proprietary tools and data to understand product ranking, demand, selling trends, buying patterns and product keyword research. This way, we can better assist you buy the right product at the right price, so that you can succeed.

OEM Experts has several programs in place to help online sellers minimize their costs and time in managing inbound product. We offer a drop ship option and by offer a direct to FBA option, while we handle packing & relabeling. For new sellers we offer other options such as pallet deals.
This is where the seller can buy on a budget that we would work around, and put together an initial order. The order would be compiled of top selling products geared to their marketplace.